My favorite thing to do when I get a minute to myself is to read a good book. Sometimes, I will stay up until the early morning hours reading, because when you have little children, there is little time to quietly read a book during the day. Often, I read fiction, but I also enjoy a change every  now and then and delve into other genres. When given the opporunity to review Parenting: The 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically… Read more »

I am watching it happen right before my eyes. It hasn’t snuck up on me, but I haven’t been able to stop it either. I knew it would eventually happen. And now, it is.  Though I am not sure exactly what point in time the hugs got a bit shorter, the playtime didn’t require me from beginning to end, and my assistance in getting dressed was no longer needed, but it happened. Slowly and surely, days to weeks to months… Read more »

Lately, our weather has been stormy. Thunderstorms have prevented several tball and soccer practices and have even cancelled school for some. In my six-year-old son’s world, he is always battling a storm. My son loves Minecraft, and the topics of Creepers, Endermen and Wither Storms often fill our car ride conversations to and from school, our conversations while cooking dinner, our conversations while eating at the dinner table, bedtime story telling, etc. You get it. We talk about Minecraft…. a… Read more »

Today, I registered my youngest for preschool. The emotions were very real for me. There was the realization that at the beginning of next school year there will be days with no children at home. Time is passing and things are changing. Just as the season outside is transitioning from one to another, so are the ways and days of our family.  What now? For a second, that seems like a treat. Time alone. I can’t recall the last time… Read more »

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness….” Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities. While these famous words come from a book about times and events before and after the French Revolution, I can’t help but feel they are quite applicable to my life right now. In fact, as I pondered some events from the last couple of days, these words seemed to… Read more »

I am overwhelmed. There- I said it. My to-do list has grown to an unattainable length. I have been wandering aimlessly around my house, noticing that evil list of endeavors just sitting there taunting me as I rearranged the junk on my counter for the third or fourth time (list item #5, remove junk on counter).  Life has been busy lately, and it seems that no amount of planning and preparation are getting me where I need to be. So,… Read more »