On our most recent cruise aboard the Disney Wonder, we had the opportunity to dine at the newly-introduced Tiana’s Place. Tiana’s Place is one of three themed restaurants that guests dine in as part of Disney Cruise Line‘s signature rotation dining. It was added during a ship refurbishment just last year. I was really, really excited to try this one out, and I was definitely not disappointed! The theming of Tiana’s Place is perfection. It truly seemed as though we… Read more »

I took my first Disney Cruise nearly eighteen years ago. Since that first sailing, I was hooked. Always a Disney fan, the Disney Cruise Line does not disappoint- making every moment just as magical (and definitely more relaxing) than the parks. Since that first sailing, we have been on many cruise lines (many we have loved), but Disney holds the number one spot for me.     If you are new to cruising, considering your first, or if you are an… Read more »

I am so excited to go see Inside Out tomorrow! I am still kicking myself for not getting advance tickets to the early showing this past Tuesday. So in anticipation of seeing the movie, I realized that the creativity and quality of Pixar films has developed several expectations. Here are a few. 1. I expect an amazing storyline based on ideas that would normally not appeal to me. For example, UP. Now, the previews for this movie made me wonder… Read more »