On our most recent cruise aboard the Disney Wonder, we had the opportunity to dine at the newly-introduced Tiana’s Place. Tiana’s Place is one of three themed restaurants that guests dine in as part of Disney Cruise Line‘s signature rotation dining. It was added during a ship refurbishment just last year. I was really, really excited to try this one out, and I was definitely not disappointed!

The theming of Tiana’s Place is perfection. It truly seemed as though we were having a meal at the restuarant Tiana worked so hard to build in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. (Side note: This movie features one of my all-time favorite Disney characters, Charlotte!) Entering the restaurant felt as though we were leaving our Bahamian destinations and taking a side trip into the French Quarter of New Orleans. 


Once seated at our table, we were greeted with menus featuring a variety of offerings, definitely with a southern flair, and many named after some of the characters from the movie. The kid menus were shaped as instruments and would prove to be fun to use later on in the meal.


Excuse the beard and eyepatch- it was Pirate Night onboard!

The food was only one good part of the meal. In addition to the amazing servers, the entertainment was phenomenal! Live music served as the perfect backdrop. And Tiana herself graced the stage and made her way around to every table! 



The food was delicious! (And the plates adorably decorated!)

During the meal, we received Mardi Gras beads and the servers led a parade throughout the restaurant for any children (and adults) who wanted to participate. The instrument menus from earlier were encourage to be used for props. Louis, the adorable character from the movie, participated in the parade as well. 


Following the festivities, we were given dessert menus, which magically lit up as though the stars were twinkling! Of course the feature item is Tiana’s homemade (“man-catching” according to Charlotte)  beignets. And having had one-too-many beignets from New Orleans in my lifetime, I must say that Tiana’s were equally as tasty! Though I didn’t care much for the chocolate dipping sauce or the bread pudding (which my son and I shared), I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for another plate of the beignets!

Our meal at Tiana’s Place was one of the highlights of our cruise aboard the Disney Wonder. We all left the restaurant feeling full, happy and humming the tunes of When the Saints Go Marching In and the like, that had accompanied our meal. My children still talk about eating at Tiana’s Place. And that is what vacations are all about- making special memories with those we love! 

I hope that the great reception of this restuarant leads to more like it in the future. Disney managed to create the ideal dining location, themed to perfection in every way- through food, decor, interaction, and entertainment. And though we have many other ships and itineraries we hope to sail on soon, we will definitely be making a return trip to the Disney Wonder and Tiana’s Place! 

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