I took my first Disney Cruise nearly eighteen years ago. Since that first sailing, I was hooked. Always a Disney fan, the Disney Cruise Line does not disappoint- making every moment just as magical (and definitely more relaxing) than the parks. Since that first sailing, we have been on many cruise lines (many we have loved), but Disney holds the number one spot for me. 


If you are new to cruising, considering your first, or if you are an experienced cruiser looking to try Disney Cruise Line, here are a few things you can expect from this amazing cruise line.

The service is fantastic! Much like the service one would expect from a Disney resort or theme park, Disney Cruise Line provides the highest quality in service. From your stateroom attendant to your dining staff, to those you meet passing in the hallways, everyone provided exceptional service. Want tea and coffee with your meal? Your servers will remember you by name and have the same waiting for you at each meal for the remainder of your sailing. 


Dining is rotational.  One aspect of Disney Cruise Line that makes it unique is the rotational dining. Each ship features three separately-themed restaurants that you rotate to each evening for your meal. Your servers go with you to each restaurant. For example, on our last cruise on the Disney Wonder, we first dined at Animator’s Palate, then Tiana’s Place and then Triton’s. Each restaurant is amazingly themed and unique! Also, it is worth mentioning that Disney cruises include soft drinks with meals and self-serve stations. This is an additional fee on other cruise lines.



Staterooms are spacious. One of the absolute BEST details of a Disney cruise is the size of the staterooms. Cruise ship staterooms are notably small, but Disney manages to create larger, more functional rooms. And nearly every stateroom on every ship features a split-bathroom plan, meaning that in one room you have a sink/toilet and in the other a sink and a tub/shower. Yes, a tub! On a cruise ship! While not a regular-sized tub, the fact that my kids can hop in a tub and not have a shower-only option is wonderful. 


Food is everywhere! Whether you are looking for a walk-up meal of hamburgers, chicken strips, sandwiches, salads, pizza, smoothies and lots of yummy sides, room service (included in the price of your cruise), prefer a buffet meal with fabulous indoor and outside deating, a sit-down meal in a restaurant or a finer meal at one of the specialty restaurants, you can find food anywhere and at any time. Mickey Ice Cream Bars abound, and you can always grab a cone of ice cream at the soft serve machines.


The entertainment is phenomenal. With so many great characters, storylines, and music to work with, Disney is definitely tops when it comes to entertainment. The nightly shows are beyond fabulous and rival those I have seen on Broadway. Most recently, we experienced Frozen aboard the Disney Wonder and it was stunning! Each show presented each night was wonderful.


Fireworks at Sea!!  You can’t see a fireworks display on any other cruise line. It is such fun to enjoy Disney’s Pirates “in” the Caribbean evening, including a fun atmosphere throughout the ships, a deck party and fireworks at sea. Many dress for the occasion in their best pirate attire! 


Disney magic abounds. People will often ask me if going on Disney Cruise Line is as fun as visiting Walt Disney World. While the two experiences are quite different, Disney manages to capture the fun, magical atmosphere in both locations. With a Disney cruise, you can expect a much more relaxed environment than the parks. Is it as fun as visiting a Disney park? Absolutely!


If you can’t decide between the two, you can always do as my family does and combine a few days at Walt Disney World followed by a three to five day cruise on Disney Cruise Line. Best of both worlds!
With a variety of itineraries and four ships to choose from (each with its own unique features and offerings), there is a cruise for every traveler.

If you have any questions about Disney Cruise Line or would like quotes for a magical sailing, . I would love to help plan the perfect cruise for you and answer any questions you may have. 

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