The holidays are my favorite, and over the years, we have created new traditions that we now treasure. One of our favorite things, as with most, is decorating the Christmas tree. When we moved into our current home a couple of years ago, we needed a bigger tree for our high-ceilinged living room. We purchased a new, taller tree, but my sentimental side longed to keep up the original tree my husband and I purchased together, years before we had children. 

When we moved in we changed the formal dining room into a library (because I have a book addiction- another story for another day). This library has a large window facing the street, so it was the perfect spot for our older Christmas tree. Over the years, we have collected a ton of ornaments from our travels (another addiction of mine). With little creativity required, we named the library tree our “Travel Tree,” and it has become a favorite for us all! 


The whole family enjoys decorating the travel tree. Many of the ornaments are Disney, (no surprise there!) and naturally, a Mickey and Minnie tree topper rests up top and the monorail from Walt Disney World circles below. My son particularly loves assembling the monorail. 


Each ornament is unique to our travel destinations, and I always label each one with the month and year traveled. I love nothing more than looking at each ornament and recalling specifics from each trip. And I love to hear my children recalling their fondest memeories. While hanging a Disney Cruise Line ornament, my daughter excitedly described playing in the sand at Disney’s Castaway Cay with a Finding Nemo Sand bucket. I love that they remember and get excited about our trips. I hope they always treasure the memories as much as I do. And I tear up with each ornament placed on the travel tree. Happy tears, of course!


This year I got creative with our Magic Bands from previous trips to Walt Disney World and used them as a garland. 


The travel tree is special. It is neither beautiful nor perfect, but we love it. It is trimmed with love and memories. We will add to it each year, filling the branches with new memories and leaving some branches empty for years to come. 

Even our cat, Nala, loves the travel tree! Perfect spot for napping.

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