Day three of our Alaskan cruise brought us to the amazingly beautiful Skagway. From the moment I stepped onto the deck of the ship and got a good look at my surroundings, I was in love. The scenery was spectacular. Yes, I realize I have used the words amazing, breathtaking, and spectacular frequently in my posts on our travels to Alaska, but honestly, it is just so true.

Our day in Skagway began with a ride through the mountains on the White Pass Scenic Railway. Boarding the train was quite convenient, since it was located very close to the pier where a couple of cruise ships were docked for the day. With a variety of excursions offered for Skagway, the pier area was a little congested, but we easily found the meeting place for our train and boarded.

The train was spacious and exceptionally clean, and presented a nostalgic feeling. During the ride, guests were welcome to walk around and even ride on the outside of the train cars. My husband and son spent a lot of time outside the train car, but I mostly stayed inside with my daughter who was squeamish with the clanking of the train climbing the tracks.

Throughout our ride we gained a lot of historical information on the area, mostly revolving around the gold rush. Over the course of the approximately three hour train ride, we experienced some amazing scenery. Waterfalls gushed alongside the train as we rode up the mountainside, even traveling through a couple of caves, which my kids loved. If you are debating what to do on a visit to Skagway, I highly recommend this train excursion.

Our train passed into Canada for only a moment, and then the train was redirected down the mountain on a return journey to town. I am not sure words can quite describe the sights and the feelings they evoke, but I know that Skagway will forever be one of the most beautifully breathtaking places I will travel. God’s creation is truly amazing!

We departed the train in town, where there were several shops, restaurants and a museum or two. We picked up a few souvenirs. As we made our way back to the cruise ship with a short walk, we passed the Skagway Fish Co, offering fresh Alaskan king crab legs and halibut. After deciding to forgo the cruise ship offerings for lunch, we went inside and enjoyed a great meal of fresh Alaskan fare in a great atmosphere, all while looking out at the snow-topped mountains and pristine waters of Skagway. My son tried crab legs for the first time and loved every bite!

Overall, we couldn’t have had a better day in Skagway. The natural beauty of the land and freshness in the air was quite a relief from the typical busyness of travels to theme parks and large cities. I would love to return to Skagway one day for more explorations!

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