The first stop on our Alaskan cruise was in Juneau. Not only was it great to wake up to some beautiful scenery, we were excited for our day’s activities. On this particular stop, our group of eight had differing interests. The guys wanted to go salmon fishing, while others wanted to whale watch. My children would not have enjoyed either or endured the many hours the excursions lasted, so we opted to all go our separate ways and try out some different excursions offered by the cruise.

When looking at options, my children really wanted to go panning for gold, so we decided to give it a try! The total excursion time was less than two hours and wasn’t too pricey, so it seemed a perfect option for us.

After docking in Juneau, we had a little time before our excursion left, so we decided to go into town an explore a little, and of course, shop! To get into town from where our cruise ship was docked, you had the options to walk to town (about a mile) or ride a bus (for a few dollars you could take the bus back and forth the entirety of the day).

We stopped for a few photo ops and enjoyed a little shopping. However, time passed quickly and it was time to join our group for the excursion.

A nice bus provided the transportation for our tour group of twenty, and our Prospector, Kai, was excellent. Our tour began with a drive through Juneau, learning various facts as we drove further into the wilderness. We had some great views of a couple of waterfalls, and then we arrived at our destination.

A short walk took us to a gorgeous, flowing creek. We were shown how to pan and find the gold, and then we were left to it! My son really took to it and did an excellent job. My daughter lost interest in the gold (I am sure that will change in years to come), but loved splashing around in the water, even though it was quite cold, and looking at the rocks.

The prospector for our trip was great with the kids, and even helped my son get a second pan to work for additional gold. When we were done, we were shown how to extract the gold, and we placed it in small tubes of water. My son ended up with around five dollars worth of gold; the rest of us slightly less.

A return trip through town brought more facts, and we were presented with gold certificates. An opportunity to stop in town and shop was provided, but we opted to head back to the cruise ship to take naps.

Overall, the excursion was lots of fun. Juneau was a great place, and I loved doing an excursion that allowed us to see the city as well some of the beautiful scenery available. The day was lots of fun, and we were fortunate to have perfect weather.

Ready to take your own cruise to Alaska?!

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