Our family enjoys Epcot and all it has to offer. Typically, I have our days scheduled to the minute. We try to squeeze everything in. However, on our last trip to Walt Disney World, we did plan our morning at Epcot but left the evening free. No plans, no schedule. And I must admit, we loved it!

We started our morning with a pre-park opening breakfast at Akershus. Following our meal, which was a fun and delicious way to start the day, we rode nearly everything we wanted with Fast Passes and  short lines by lunchtime. After a quick service meal at Sunshine Seasons (a favorite of mine), we took naps back at our room at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. (You can see my review of our room here).

That afternoon and evening we had no plans. None at all! This is a huge deal for me, the super planner. But, it was day five at a theme park, and we decided to just wing it and see what all we could do when we didn’t have plans. No Fast Passes and no Advance Dining Reservations.

So, naps completed and feeling refreshed, we entered Epcot and decided to see where the evening took us. My children immediately started asking to ride Journey Into the Imagination with Figment, so we headed over and rode it for the third time of the day. We then wandered toward the World Showcase. My son spotted Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure and signed up to try a country we had not previously done, France. This is a fun, interactive activity that requires you to solve a mission in a selected country of the World Showcase using a device provided by Epcot.

We wandered toward France, enjoying some live music for a few minutes as we passed through Canada. My daughter then recognized the United Kingdom area and wanted to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. She never forgets where Winnie the Pooh is at Disney! So she and I went to take photos, while my husband and son headed on to France to begin his mission.

After meeting Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and smiling for a few photos, we stopped to hear a live band playing on the street. They were so good, and we thoroughly enjoyed the music. You never know what you may happen upon at Disney World! We then headed on toward France, where my son was halfway through his mission. My daughter and I did a little shopping and when we were all done, the sky was getting dark and our tummies were feeling empty.


My son gathering clues to solve the mission of Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure


We decided, on the spot, to make a meal around the Epcot World Showcase using our snack credits. We were on the dining plan, and still had lots of snack credits remaining. What better place to begin eating our way around the World Showcase than at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in France. Most of the items served count as a snack credit, so we split a couple of toasted ham and cheese sandwiches (with a much fancier, more French-like name) and had dessert at the beginning of our meal because you can’t visit Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie without a delicious treat like creme brûlée, eclair or a chocolate croissant (all snack credits).

We then explored Morocco, which is absolutely gorgeous at night. The music, smells, shops and details created a perfect atmosphere. I could have spent hours browsing through the stores, and I really didn’t feel as though I were in Florida anymore. The theming here is amazing!


We passed through Japan and then stopped for a cream cheese pretzel and funnel cake at the American Pavillion. (I never said our meal around the world was balanced or healthy!) We ate on those as we explored the next country, Italy, also beautiful at night.

Next we came upon Germany, where I purchased caramel popcorn, made fresh at Karamell-Kuche to be used as a tasty treat later on our trip. Many items here are a snack credit. Even the aroma from this shop is delicious! Next door is Sommerfest, offering several great side items to our meal around the World Showcase as snack credits, like authentic hand-twisted pretzels, nudal gratin (a baked mac and cheese dish), and cold potato salad. I purchased a pickle ornament for our tree at one of the shops. The significance of the pickle ornament can be found in this blog post.

After enjoying the smells and tastes of Germany, we ventured on. Passing the Outpost, we entered China just in time to catch a show of the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats. This talented group always draws a large crowd, and I am glad we took the time to stay and watch the show. Very impressive!

We then stopped in Norway, and I had Schoolbread (also a snack credit). This was actually my first time to try Schoolbread despite my many visits to Epcot, and I really enjoyed it! (I have a list of my favorite Disney snacks here).




Next, we visited Mexico, where my husband and kids shared an order of churros (again, snack credit). To finish off our night, we took a festive boat ride on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. We all love this ride!

At this point, we were tired. My children usually go to bed early, so we decided to forgo Illuminations and get some rest. Looking back, our unplanned evening was probably one of our favorite evenings spent at Epcot. We leisurely enjoyed (and ate) our way around the World Showcase. My little ones still talk about trying something to eat from all of the countries for their meal. It has been, up to this point, our favorite evening at Epcot, so far.

Ready to plan your trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth and explore Epcot? !

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