Our family absolutely loves Star Wars. The upcoming additions to the Disney parks have expanded our excitement levels to galaxies far, far away, and we were thrilled to check out the new Star Wars Launch Bay area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on our last visit. The area did not disappoint.

Upon entering Hollywood Studios, we headed straight for the Launch Bay. As we approached the entrance, several Storm Troopers were patroling the premises. This built up the excitement even more, and we knew we were in for fun!

Welcoming us was the familiar scroll from the films, customized for the Launch Bay Area, of course!

Our first stop was meeting the characters. First up, we met Chewbacca!

Throughout the queues for each character is Star Wars memorabilia. We loved looking at the light sabers and helmets. My son was in awe!

We followed up with meeting Darth Vadar. This turned out to be the last day for this particular meet and greet, as he was replaced the following day with Kylo Ren. This meet was fun, even though Darth Vadar keeps a serious demeanor. He even gave us some grief when he noticed the rebel symbol on our shirts!

The only disappointment of the day was that there were no Jawas greeting and trading with guests. Normally, they are around mingling. Be sure to take small trinkets with you if you would like to trade with a Jawa. This is a favorite activity for my son, as he loves Jawas, but he quickly got over his disappointment with everything else the Star Wars Launch Bay had to offer.

We then walked through the rest of the Launch Bay, admiring the displays. My children loved an area with various Disney Infinity gaming systems to play. Additional games were also available.  My daughter preferred Angry Birds Star Wars, and became quite the Angry Bird pro!

We loved looking at all that filled the Launch Bay. Some items were for admiring, while others were for purchasing. And, as with most attractions at Walt Disney World, a large shopping area full of Star Wars merchandise greets you just as you near the exit.

Overall, we loved what Star Wars Launch Bay has to offer. In anticipation of what is to come with the addition of a Star Wars land, the Star Wars Launch Bay provides a wonderful peek at what can be expected. Now we just need to go back and meet Kylo Ren! May the force be with you!

Ready to get your Star Wars fix at Walt Disney World? !

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