The older I get, the more details I seem to lose sight of from the past. I like to think it is because I am making so many new memories along the way. But even though some things get foggy and I can’t quite remember every little detail, I remember this time seven years ago as if it just happened. Around this time seven years ago, currently 3:30 am, I was wide awake as I am now. Only then, I… Read more »

Many years ago, a little over seven to be exact, my husband and I traveled often. Well, we still travel often, but back then it was just the two of us. On those trips, I could eat my entire meal, while it was still warm, at my leisure. We could do daring excursions like zip lining through the rainforest in Jamaica or snorkeling in the Caymans. We could stay up as late as we wanted and sleep in as late as we pleased. You… Read more »