This morning I walked my son into the lobby of his school, gave him a big hug and kiss, and watched him walk to his classroom for the last time as a Kindergartener. As he practically bounced down the hall, talking to a buddy along the way, I had a flashback of his first day. And surprisingly, many of those same feelings were stirring inside of me. I thought this was supposed to get easier, right?  This walk was a… Read more »

This past weekend our church held a tea for the ladies. It was such a fun time! I ended up hosting a table, which meant I got to pick the theme, food, etc. One of the main reasons I wanted to be involved, aside from being in a room of amazing ladies, was because my daughter is in full-on tea party mode. At home, we have multiple tea parties…..daily! I was excited for her to get to attend her first… Read more »

Today is my 1 year anniversary for this blog! One year ago, I took a leap and committed to starting Mommy, Memories and Mouse Ears and seeing it through.  It has truly been a year of learning, growing and often times, failing. Originally, I had hoped to make it a full year, and I did. Now, I look forward to what is ahead. Though I am not exactly where I had hoped to be, one year in, I look forward… Read more »

Traveling is definitely something I adore. I love the planning, the scheduling, the researching, and most of all, the going! I have traveled most of my life, and I credit my parents for instilling the “wandering” need that I have. I worried that once I had children I might have to put traveling on the back burner. Instead, we decided to continue on with our travels, children in tow. And what amazing experiences we have had!     This month, we… Read more »

Yesterday was so great. It was Mother’s Day! I spent the morning with my family and the day with my own mom. I didn’t cook anything, did not do one bit of laundry and did not clean one single thing in the house. My husband and children showered me with gifts and flowers. Ahhhhh…. Good times.  Then, this morning happened. The alarm blasted first thing as I rushed around to get my son to school, my young daughter dragging around… Read more »