Lately, our weather has been stormy. Thunderstorms have prevented several tball and soccer practices and have even cancelled school for some. In my six-year-old son’s world, he is always battling a storm. My son loves Minecraft, and the topics of Creepers, Endermen and Wither Storms often fill our car ride conversations to and from school, our conversations while cooking dinner, our conversations while eating at the dinner table, bedtime story telling, etc. You get it. We talk about Minecraft…. a… Read more »

Tonight I drove down a dark road through the woods of southern Mississippi. Out of my window I saw a tiny light glimmer on, then off. In the darkness of the night, the tiny light seemed to shine brightly and was quite noticeable. Then I spotted another, and another! It was a beautiful sight. I realized that it had been many years since I have seen so many lightning bugs. As a little kid, I remember an abundance of lightning… Read more »

Though I adore dining at Walt Disney World and consider it one of the highlights of each trip, I have never found a dining location I truly love at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Granted we have yet to try 50s Prime Time Cafe, which seems to get outstanding reviews, the overall themes of other restaurants just don’t appeal to me as much as other character dining locations in other resorts and parks, and our all-time favorite, ‘Ohana. However, when Hollywood &… Read more »

On our most recent visit to the Orlando area, our family spent a day visiting SeaWorld. This park has long been on my list of things to see due to my love for the ocean and all the living things within it. I have had a slight dolphin obsession since childhood that hasn’t seen much of a decrease.     As with all new adventures, I had researched this park for hours. Honestly, I couldn’t find a ton of reviews, so… Read more »

With spring comes Easter, and with Easter comes another classroom party. This means it is time to scramble around for treats that my son’s class will enjoy. While Pinterest is amazing and I have tons of boards full of pinned ideas, this does not guarantee that the treat of my choice will work out. I mean, talent is required to assemble some of those edible works of art. If you have read any of my past blog posts, you know… Read more »

Sometimes journeys are exciting and fun, but sometimes they are scary with no ending and no directions. Not too long ago, we drove through Birmingham. It was night, and all the lights from the city were a pleasant site from the dark roads we had been traveling for several hours. As we drove through the city, I remembered the last time I had been to Birmingham. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office, anxious and trying to keep my hands… Read more »

Some of the greatest joys at Walt Disney World are snacks! Yes, snacks. I look forward to my favorites as much as I do a ride on Big Thunder Mountain, it’s a small world, or Expedition Everest. Whether you have snack credits on a Disney dining plan, or simply pay out of pocket, here are my favorite, not-to-be-missed snacks at Walt Disney World and where you can find them. And no worries about those calories, you will walk for miles… Read more »

Years ago, a little girl climbed onto the monorail at Walt Disney World, eyes wide and nose pressed against the glass as she began her journey to her first visit in a Disney park. While her sights were set on Cinderella’s Castle, which she could see in the distance, she couldn’t help but look in amazement at the thatched roofs of the buildings the monorail zoomed by. The building looked enchantingly dark, tropical, and somewhat magical, and the little girl… Read more »

Today, I registered my youngest for preschool. The emotions were very real for me. There was the realization that at the beginning of next school year there will be days with no children at home. Time is passing and things are changing. Just as the season outside is transitioning from one to another, so are the ways and days of our family.  What now? For a second, that seems like a treat. Time alone. I can’t recall the last time… Read more »