Today, I spent my morning like most mornings…cleaning. Cleaning is truly the never-ending job. Each day, afternoon, evening, and night (and I would not doubt even as they sleep), my children (and the grown child, my husband) roam from room to room leaving a path of clutter, mess and destruction wherever they go. This makes the never ending job of cleaning even more difficult to keep up with. Sure, we have lectures on cleaning up your messes, and that works for… Read more »

   Various conversations often lead to travel talk. And then comes the question, “Where is your family going next?” To which I say, “Walt Disney World.” Then sometimes (not always) with a confused look, the response is, “Again?”  Yes, we are going back to Disney World. Now for some, I realize that traveling to the Most Magical Place on Earth isn’t always the number one pick. I don’t understand it, but I realize that everyone doesn’t love it like I… Read more »

I have a strong love for books. I read all the time- ok, not true. I read for too many hours, well into the night, every night, after my family has gone to sleep. But still, I read large number of books every year. (Maybe this year I will actually keep count!) One thing I have always wanted to pass on to my children is a love for reading.  So, every night at bedtime, we all sit together and read… Read more »

One Sunday morning, we stood in church, singing. My son, 6, always tugs at my shirt and raises his arms, wanting to be picked up and held so that he can see the praise song lyrics on the screen. He is getting really tall, and heavy to hold, but this is one of those things I treasure each time. Any day now, he will realize he is older and doesn’t want to be held by his mom in public, so… Read more »

Today, I cried. Before I even noticed, the water swelled in my eyes and my throat seemed to tighten. The tears started to flow. Not tons of them, just a few. This seems to happen often, the tears. But if you watch them fall, they trail down my cheeks. And eventually they reach my mouth, lips upturned in a smile. Because these aren’t sad tears. In fact, quite far from it. They are tears of thankfulness. Tears of blessings. Tears… Read more »