Yesterday, I received a call that was one of the most dreaded calls a mom can get. It was from the school nurse. No one gets a call from the school nurse unless it is bad. We are only into our third week of school and already the nurse was calling!  At the beginning of the school year, I gave my son a few rules of my own to follow, in addition to the school rules. I told him to… Read more »

Housework is no fun. Instead of washing dishes, sweeping the floor for the third time today, dusting, and cleaning the bathrooms, I would much rather be drinking coffee and reading a good book or catching up on one of the many episodes of the Real Housewives that has accumulated on the DVR list (guilty pleasure!). I wouldn’t even mind creating something alongside my daughter, who drags out an over-abundance of Play Doh several times a day. I mean, tomorrow will… Read more »

There are ducks swimming around the Boathouse at Disney Springs, and they are not Donald, Daisy or those mischievous nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They are Rubba Ducks, the premier rubber duck toys with personality! The Boathouse Restaurant in Disney Springs has aligned with Rubba Ducks, making these themed ducks the only non-Disney item in the Boathouse gift shop.    Rubba Ducks are super cute and are lots of fun to collect or give as gifts. Founded in 1997, Rubba… Read more »

We loved the theming of the Wilderness Lodge, but how did we like the rooms? During this visit to Walt Disney World, we opted for the resort to send us our room number when it became ready as part of our online check-in, allowing us to skip check-in at the resort and go straight to the room. This worked great, kind of. We were texted our room number as well as a resort map showing the general location of the… Read more »

Nestled amongst the trees is a grand, beautiful lodge. Just through the doors is a lobby full of woodsy details and a large, roaring, stone fireplace surrounded by rocking chairs. A bubbling of water trickles from the lobby to the outdoors. We have arrived at one of the most beautiful lodges ever found in the West…. not really! Despite the feelings of being in a lodge at Yellowstone, we are in Florida staying at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.    Staying at… Read more »

My love for traveling is at an all-time high. I love doing memorable things with our family. Yesterday, we stumbled upon a deal we couldn’t pass up. After a few hours of planning and discussion, we decided to go for it. This trip has been one my husband and I have talked about for years now. It has definitely been on the trip bucket list. And now- it is happening! Where are we going next spring??? We are going on… Read more »

Today at naptime, I was resting with my three year old. Ok, not really resting, more like trying to force her to sleep. She is a talker. First, a story. Then, a song please. Then, another song please. Then, a book please. Then, the conversations begin. Today, however, she really got to me. Her words touched my heart and got me to thinking.         Just as we were about to doze off, my daughter reached over, gave my… Read more »

We all hope to leave behind a legacy that will inspire and be meaningful to others. What legacy will you leave? Who will it impact? I hope to continue adding to my legacy in the years to come, but for now my legacy includes giving my children a heart for adventure, amazing memories, and a strong love for the Lord and themselves. Walt Disney Records and H20+ have joined together to celebrate the legacies we all hope to leave behind…. Read more »

This has been a week of adjustments for me. I have rambled on about my son starting Kindergarten, and now that we are almost to the end of our first week, I look back and realize that I am having to regroup and restructure my days.     To begin with, we are up at 5:45 every morning, EVERY morning. Oh how I miss summer already! My daughter is always up with the sun ready to start her day, but even… Read more »