Following our snack, we rode the Carousel (featuring Lego horses and two stories of fun). About this time, the rain returned. We tried to ride Coastersaurus, but it was closed due to the weather. We then walked through my favorite part of Legoland – Miniland! This large area featured many cities, scenes and movie characters all made of Legos. Many were interactive and all were absolutely amazing!             There was also a Star Wars section!         … Read more »

My five year old has had a love for Legos for several years already. He will spend hours constructing one of his many Lego sets, or using pieces to build and design his own amazing creations. When our family decided to plan one last summer getaway before my little man starts Kindergarten, we knew that Legoland Florida was a must-see! We stayed the night before at the Hampton Inn, closest to the park. The hotel was nice and offered our… Read more »

No one knows when she will appear, or how scary she may be, but every so often, despite all attempts to keep her away, a Momster will enter our home.      Typically, the Momster appears when she is frazzled. Often popping out when the children continuously misbehave and refuse to listen to the wise words of correction from their Mom. The same Mom who has picked up dirty dishes scattered throughout the house, folded endless piles of laundry, and picked… Read more »

  Photo from My son has always loved the Marvel characters. We read bedtime stories of them all the time. Growing up, I knew nothing about Marvel characters, so my son has greatly educated me on these amazing superheroes. I will have to admit that one of my least favorite characters to read about is Ant-man. I mean, I really did not like anything about Ant-man. His name is goofy, he works with ants, he is no Captain America (my… Read more »

This past week I celebrated my 33rd birthday. 33? Really? I swear I don’t feel a day over 20. Well, maybe that isn’t totally true, but as my age goes up year after year, I still feel like I haven’t begun to “adult” just yet – despite 12 years of marriage and two children!      Growing up, I had so many dreams. I blame some of this on my slight Disney obsession. All my Disney princess idols told me… Read more »

My favorite mornings are spent waking up at Walt Disney World. So magical! Unfortunately, this is not a daily occurrence, so we look for other ways to squeeze in magical mornings a little closer to home. For my son’s 5th birthday, we drove to our nearest Disney Store to start his day in a magical way! Each Disney Store offers a magical opening every morning. The first customers in line are chosen to participate. We made sure to arrive at… Read more »

   Tomorrow my son will be having a procedure done at the dentist’s office. Though it is not a serious procedure, and the dentist has probably done this many, many times, I cannot help but be nervous for my little guy.  Up until this point, he has looked forward to his regular teeth cleanings, and I am fearful that the things to come tomorrow may change that. As a mom, I worry. A lot. I have known this was coming… Read more »

Whether it be for a cookout, social gathering or potluck, finding the perfect side item can be daunting. You want a simple recipe, guaranteed to taste great and be plentiful enough to feed a large crowd. This Cherry Salad recipe may be just what you are looking for! Don’t be fooled by the cherry and salad description. This delicious dish will not be making it into any diet plan, but it is so tasty it will appeal to everyone (my… Read more »

Our family saw Minions this morning. Our overall opinion is that it is good- not great, not awful, just good. There were lots of laughable moments and the minions are as adorable as ever!    The movie tells us the story of minions from the beginning. We follow them as they search for the ultimate villain to follow. Over the course of many centuries, the minions find themselves in an arctic environment with no one to work for. Three minions… Read more »

Mornings at our house are kind of touch-and-go. Some mornings are perfect with happy kids and lots of laughter. Other mornings, we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and we have to work really hard to start the day off right. The one place we always have happy meals is not at McDonalds, but at character breakfasts at Walt Disney World. Yes, I am missing Disney today and can’t wait to get back. Nothing can top starting… Read more »