Baby mine, don’t you cry Baby mine, dry your eyes Rest your head close to my heart Never to part Baby of mine      From the day my first child was born, I was so often told to enjoy each day. I would frequently get, “Time flies.” “He won’t be little for long.” “He will be grown before you know it.” On rough days (you know the ones I am talking about) it felt like time barely ticked away and a day free of… Read more »

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I do not have a green thumb. Not one tiny bit. In fact, the only plant I have ever kept alive is an aloe plant in my kitchen, which is out of necessity, due to my clumsiness with a hot stove. The aloe relieves the many burns I get, so therefore, I give it water now and then to keep it alive. It is a very giving plant! Though I… Read more »

The days are long, hot, and sunny. School is out. It is summertime! For me, that means trip planning, one of my favorite things to do. This summer, we have a lot in store for us. We will be traveling to Chicago, the Great Smoky Mountains, the beach, and a surprise weekend getaway to LEGOLAND and Walt Disney World (the kids are in the dark on this one, so I can’t wait to surprise them!). With the exception of Chicago,… Read more »